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Homemade Hand sanitizers!

Keep your family safe from germs with this easy-to-make hand sanitizer! We’ve combined the moisturizing power of aloe vera with the germ-slaying might of alcohol for this cheap and easy homemade hand sanitizer.

 It’s the perfect way to keep yourself and the people you love healthy and illness-free!

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I made a hand sanitizer At My Home Easily and saved a lot of money For a while month… Is an amazing experience I hope you will enjoy and benefit from my experience.

What you’ll need:
1 part aloe vera gel or glycerin
2 part isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) with a concentration of 91%
Essential oil, such as lemon or lavender (this is an optional ingredient for scent)
Clean containers for mixing and an air-tight container for storage
Spoon or whisk for mixing
Combine the aloe vera gel or glycerin with the isopropyl alcohol in a clean container. To get one cup of sanitizer, combine ⅓ cup of gel or glycerin with ⅔ cup of rubbing alcohol.

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Mix thoroughly with your spoon or whisk to ensure that the alcohol is evenly distributed throughout the gel. 

Stir in five drops of essential oil, if you’re using it. This is entirely optional and is only meant to improve the scent of the sanitizer. 

Store the sanitizer in an air-tight container. Alcohol evaporates with time, so an air-tight container will keep your sanitizer effective for longer. 

A pump or squeeze bottle can minimize evaporation while keeping your sanitizer easily accessible — just make sure the container for your sanitizer is clean and air-tight.

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The key ingredient in hand sanitizer is alcohol, so it’s possible to substitute for the aloe vera gel.

The purpose of the aloe gel is to protect hands against the drying effects of alcohol.

Basically, it’s a humectant. This means it helps lock in moisture. Other humectants which could be used in place of aloe include glycerin or hand lotion.

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However, it’s still important to keep the alcohol in the final product at least 60%.

If you can’t find alcohol, the best option is to wash your hands with soap and water rather than attempt a homemade hand sanitizer recipe.

Working with 70% Alcohol, Rubbing alcohol, and ethanol from a store tend to be either 90-99% alcohol or else 70% alcohol.

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You can disinfect your hands with 70% alcohol, but there’s very little you can add to it (maybe a few drops of essential oil or jojoba oil, to improve scent or texture).

Mixing 70% alcohol with other ingredients dilutes the alcohol, so it’s easy to drop below the 60% alcohol recommended by the CDC.3

Protect Your Hands, Alcohol dries the skin and strips protective oils. Follow up a hand sanitizer (or handwashing) with a good lotion to keep skin in top shape.

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Damaged skin has tiny cracks that trap bacteria and viruses and make them harder to remove.

If you have sensitive skin, try to keep the amount of alcohol in hand sanitizer around 60-70% (as in this recipe) because a higher concentration may cause irritation.

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