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The 10-Minute Workout That Boosts Your Metabolism..

If you think you need at least a half-hour of cardio to make it worth your while, I have good news. You can get just as good a work out (maybe even better) with just 10 minutes.

My favorite 10-minute cardio workout is called a reverse pyramid. Each exercise should only take you 1 minute to complete (whether it’s 100 jogs or 10 burpees—the exercises decrease in reps but increase in difficulty). Oh, did I mention, no resting between exercises! You need to make each of those 10 minutes counts.

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100 jogs in place

90 jumping jacks

80 butt kickers (Jog in place but strive for your heels to touch your butt)

70 high knees (Jog in place, bringing knees up as high as you can with each step. Can you make your thighs parallel to the floor?)

50 fast upper cuts with 3 lb or 5 lb weights (Start with elbows in line with the hip and your fists up in front of your face. Swing hip forward as you punch upward. Return and repeat with other side.)

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40 squats

30 alternating bike kicks (Start in a sit-up position with hands behind your head. Bring your left knee toward your chest as you simultaneously crunch up and try to touch your right elbow to that knee. Quickly reverse, alternating left elbow to the right knee. Release back to the sit-up position. Repeat.)

20 push-ups

10 burpees (Squat down until your hands touch the floor, jump your legs back so you are in a push-up position, then jump legs back to your hands and jump up high.)

Fast Low-Step Running..

How To Find a low step and stand in front of it. Quickly step up onto it and back down  right and left up, right and left down as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

Beginner’s Tip Perform the exercise at a slower pace and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable doing it.

Booster Pump your arms to give yourself more speed and work those arm muscles too!

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Basketball Jumps..

How To This move is similar to jumping jacks, but you are moving side to side. Take a long low step to the right, bend through the legs, step the left foot in, and spring off both feet to shoot your basketball.

 Repeat on the other side, alternating between both sides for 30 seconds.

Beginner’s Tip To protect your knees, make sure they stay aligned with your toes.

Booster The lower you go, the higher you jump — and the more calories you burn!

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Fast Feet Shuffle..

How To This agility move is great for sculpting inner and outer thighs. Starting with your right foot, run three steps sideways to the right.

 The last step of your right foot should “stick” as you drop your weight into that leg, and then push off and step out with your left.

 Think of rhythm with this one  the timing should feel like, “one, two, drop and push; one, two, drop and push.”

Beginner’s Tip To protect your knees, make sure they’re pointing in the same direction as your toes. Keep your shoulders back and down, with your chest up and abs in.

Booster As you get more comfortable with the exercise, increase your speed!

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Jumping Jacks..

How To Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides, and jump about shoulder-width apart. 

As you jump, swing both arms out to the side or overhead. Toes and knees should be slightly turned out.

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 Jump again and return legs and arms to the starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Beginner’s Tip To reduce jarring in the legs, focus on landing softly, and make sure your heels touch the ground.

 There shouldn’t be any tremendously loud thumps — rather, focus on landing quietly.

Booster Increase your speed and see how many you can complete in the 30-second interval.

Pushups on Knees..

How To Kneel on the ground and walk your hands forward until they are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

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 Straighten your arms and look directly ahead at the floor. Keeping abs tight, bend your elbows and lower your upper body until your chest is 4 inches off the floor. 

Exhale as you straighten your arms, returning to the starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Beginner’s Tip This is a great variation for people who are still building their upper body strength. 

Drop your shoulders down away from your ears and keep your butt down and core tight.

High Knees With Twist..

How To With this exercise, you’re keeping your cardiovascular system pumping and strengthening your legs and glutes and as a bonus, you’re also working your core with the twisting action! 

To perform, run in place with high knees (bringing each knee up to hip height), while at the same time twisting towards each knee as you raise it up, alternating from side to side in a twisting motion.

Beginner’s Tip Start out with a low jog and gradually raise your knees up towards your hips until you are able to perform the full exercise.

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Cardio training is good for your heart – The increased heart rate you will achieve during your cardio workout will improve the condition of your heart and lungs, by training your heart to pump more blood in fewer beats and your lungs to move more oxygen with less effort. 

The improvement you will gain in your cardiovascular health will reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

Aim for 30-60 minutes at least 3 days a week in order to achieve the best results for improving your heart.

Cardio training will help improve muscle mass – Yes, it’s true – You need strength training to gain muscle, but the thirty minutes you spend on those elliptical trainers will help improve your muscle mass, too, especially if you combine the two as part of an interval training program.

 By going back and forth between cardio training and weight training, you are working your muscles and then letting them relax several times during a workout, which will improve your ability to build that great toned look..

Cardio Training Burns Fat – Adding four thirty minute cardio sessions a week to your current training schedule will help you rev up your fat-burning capability. 

The fat loss you will see will help your toned muscles be even more noticeable.

Cardio Training Revs Up Your Metabolism – In addition to the fat you will burn during your workout.

regular cardiovascular training will boost your metabolism for hours after your workout, too, helping you to maximize fat loss all day long.

Your Mental State Will Improve – Cardio training causes your brain to release endorphins, the body’s natural high. Endorphins act as natural painkillers and stress reducers.

Your Immune System Can Improve – People who spend thirty minutes in cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week are less likely to catch colds and other viral illnesses.

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