What Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You!

If your skin was kind of OK for a while, and then you woke up to a horrific breakout, it could be stress that’s to blame.

 “When you’re hopped up on anxiety, your body releases cortisol, which can lead to breakouts,” Marisa Potter, a Miami-based dermatologist, told Jessica Migala in Prevention.

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 To get things under control, start incorporating some stress-reducing activities into your day. 

Think yoga, meditation, or an evening spent cuddled up inside a blanket fort  just you and some Netflix.

If you constantly wake up to eyes that are beyond puffy, don’t take it as a fact of life.

 “Swollen eyes may be from something as simple as skimping on shut-eye one night,” Migala said.

 If you think that’s the case, try plopping into bed a bit earlier (and practicing good sleep hygiene) to see if that doesn’t de-puff the issue.

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You probably know acne can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. 

But did you know different kinds of acne can point to different hormonal issues? “In women, acne that appears mainly along the lower face or jawline can be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome,” Doris Day, an NYC-based dermatologist, told Bahar Gholipour on HuffingtonPost.com.

 If that sounds familiar, head to a doctor for testing and potential treatment.

Some internal issues can affect the pigment of your skin. “Vitiligo, a common skin disease featuring white patches, is linked to diabetes, pernicious anemia, viral hepatitis, and autoimmune thyroid disease,” Ceballos says. 

So definitely don’t let these colorful changes go on ignored.

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If you have dark patches under your eyes, it could be due to genetic luck of the draw. Or, it could be a sign of several underlying health issues.

 “Dark skin under your eyes can … be caused by a nutrient deficiency, a lack of hydration, or not getting enough sleep,” said health writer Kate Daly in Best Health. 

So, apart from hitting the hay and drinking more water, make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet.

If you have a pink rash splashed across your face, it could be rosacea. 

But if it’s the classic “butterfly rash,” it could also be a sign of lupus, according to Paolo Romanelli, a Miami-based dermatologist, on WebMD.com.

 If you have this don’t panic, but do get yourself to a doctor, ASAP.

Remember what was said above about our Western culture? Well, sometimes things like high cholesterol can be linked to skin issues.

 As Ceballos says, “Hyperlipidemia, namely elevated levels of lipids such as cholesterol, can present with yellowish deposits in eyelid skin termed xanthelasma.” If you see these poking about, be sure to ask about it.

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OK, so there’s usually nothing shocking about dry skin. Maybe you shower too often, or always forget to put on lotion. No big deal.

 However, sometimes chronically dry skin can be a sign of internal issues. As Day told the Huffington Post, “… very dry, itchy skin could be a sign of hormonal problems, such as an underactive thyroid.”

If you have yellow bumps on your arms and legs or dark patches of skin near your underarms, it could be a sign of diabetes, according to Migala.

 “Though 29 million Americans have diabetes, one-quarter of them don’t know it, so skin symptoms may be one of the first clues,” she added.

Remember what I said about different types of acne? If your zits tend to crop up around your nose and mouth, it could be that your digestion needs some help. 

“Acne like this can indicate digestive inflammation, stomach hyperactivity, or food sensitivities,” said skin expert Celestyna Brozek on MindBodyGreen.com.

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To get things under control, Brozek suggested an elimination diet to help figure out which foods may be causing problems.

Has your skin been all about the rashes, as of late? If so, it might be high time you were checked for an infection. 

“In general, a rash that does not respond to treatment, and is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, joint pain, and muscle aches could be a sign of an internal problem or infection,” Gholipour said.

Don’t let any of these skin changes throw you into a panic, but do see your doctor if something appears worrying.

 More than likely it’s nothing, but it’s definitely worth the double-check.

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Nonscarring hair loss might be a byproduct of stress, pregnancy, illness, or prescription medication. 

But permanent nonscarring hair loss can be much more serious. Lupus and sarcoidosis both have early symptoms that include hair loss.

 Other possibilities are thyroid disease or a variety of inflammatory conditions, though these illnesses would be accompanied by other symptoms.

Almost everyone has slight swelling or a small blister when bitten by an insect. 

“But if you notice a severe change in the way your body reacts to bites a dramatic, abnormal reaction  best to get checked,” says Dr. Liu.

 Any sort of hyperactive blistering or out-of-proportion swelling can signify several immune system issues.

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